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Interesting links for T. E. Lawrence
Clouds Hill
This was T.E. Lawrence's home in Dorset. It is
preserved so that he would recognise it even now.
Well worth a visit.
The Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI).
The Institute is a well-known and long-established
centre for research into both polar regions.
It is part of the University of Cambridge and is a
sub-department of the Department of Geography.
TEL Society and Scott Polar Research Institute Spring Event 2012: 

'Not a suitable hobby for an airman - T E Lawrence as publisher'
Some years ago Valerie Thompson produced a small book in a very
limited edition entitled 'Not a suitable hobby for an airman - T E Lawrence
as publisher'.  Valerie has now written a website which holds her book here:

The author of this book and website has graciously allowed the T.E. Lawrence Society
to host a copy of the web on this site too. You may view it by clicking the link to the
left or here:- Not a suitable...
The Lawrence Trail
Do you you like walking; the area around Clouds Hill is fabulous.
Follow this link for the walking trail around Bovington and Wareham.
The Japan Group
This is the web site of the T.E. Lawrence Japan Group.
T.E. Lawrence Studies
An on-line Journal edited by Jeremy Wilson.
The British Motorcycle Museum
Are you interested in motorcycles? T.E. Lawrence was,
in fact if you read his letters, you will find it was a
passion of his.
R.A.F. Hendon
Do you like aircraft? enough to visit a museum?
Why not take a look here.
The telawrence.net project
Do you like reading other peoples letters; here you can
read many T.E. Lawrence's letters to his family, friends,
acquaintances and colleagues.
The Bodleian Library
This Oxford library holds many of T.E. Lawrence's papers
The Ashmolean Museum
T.E. Lawrence had strong links with this Oxford museum; why
not take a virtual tour?
The T.E. Lawrence - online resource
Here you can find many interesting links to many
of the T.E. Lawrence recourses.
The Bovington Tank Museum
Did you know that for a short while T.E. Lawrence joined
the tank corp.? This museum close to Clouds Hill holds
a small collection of Lawrence memorabilia.
The Dorchester Museum
Another museum with a small Lawrence collection; not
far from Bovington and Clouds Hill.
St Martins Church, Wareham
This is were Lawrence's final resting place is; it holds
a famous effigy of him.
Imperial War Museum
A visit to London would not be complete without a visit here.
Among other things it holds Lawrence's motorcycle and
his rifle from the the "Arab Revolt".
Snowdon Lodge
This is T.E. Lawrence's birthplace, now a climbers lodge.
Wareham Town Museum
This museum has a small part dedicated to T.E. Lawrence
Battle for the Arab World
This is a web dedicated to the film of the same name.
T.E. Lawrence Studies
Find many more links here from this Santa Clara University,
California, USA website.
T.E. Lawrence and his motorcycle
A new web about Lawrence and his motorcycles
A Guide to Headington Oxford
This is quite a good guide to some interesting parts of Oxford and worth a look.